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ǝᴉuɐɥdǝʇs By poisensoul Updated Oct 05, 2016

"But I'm not a faggot?"

Calvin, a troubled high school student who has problems with accepting his sexuality.


"Elimate. He's one of them."

Niall, set off on a mission to get rid of Calvin for a mistake he made long ago but what will he do when instead he falls for his target?

septiplier_awaaay septiplier_awaaay Oct 08, 2016
Bruh, this is my science teacher im always like: *type in random answers*
leafyxcyn leafyxcyn Sep 29, 2016
I hate being clingy. I'd prefer the other person be, then I don't look dumb ^^'
TheAlphaDog TheAlphaDog Sep 28, 2016
*flashbacks to every time I talked to a guy (I'm a tomboy sO)*
sexybritishfoxman sexybritishfoxman Aug 17, 2016
Yeah fúck current events that may decide how the rest of your future life in the United States plays out. Could be total destruction, abuse of power, or wreaking havoc over the totality of America's very core foundation but it's just background noise wonk
Ayato_Chan Ayato_Chan Oct 16, 2016
Nobody can touch my swag
                              Nobody can doin my swag
                              He gets it well
Writer_Emiiilllyy Writer_Emiiilllyy Sep 03, 2016
Lol as straight as those bendy rulers I'd get in elementary, mom!! XD