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t h e  l i f e  o f  h e r s By plsfvck Updated Oct 05, 2016

"But I'm not a faggot?"

Calvin, a troubled high school student who has problems with accepting his sexuality.


"Elimate. He's one of them."

Niall, set off on a mission to get rid of Calvin for a mistake he made long ago but what will he do when instead he falls for his target?

septiplier_awaaay septiplier_awaaay Oct 08, 2016
Bruh, this is my science teacher im always like: *type in random answers*
leafyxcyn leafyxcyn Sep 29, 2016
I hate being clingy. I'd prefer the other person be, then I don't look dumb ^^'
TheAlphaDog TheAlphaDog Sep 28, 2016
*flashbacks to every time I talked to a guy (I'm a tomboy sO)*
Ayato_Chan Ayato_Chan Oct 16, 2016
Nobody can touch my swag
                              Nobody can doin my swag
                              He gets it well
Writer_Emiiilllyy Writer_Emiiilllyy Sep 03, 2016
Lol as straight as those bendy rulers I'd get in elementary, mom!! XD
-GalaxyWingTomiko- -GalaxyWingTomiko- Oct 10, 2016
                              THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LOOK DOWN UPON MY SHIP!!!!