Angels and Sprites [DISCONTINUED FOR NOW] (Miraculous AU)

Angels and Sprites [DISCONTINUED FOR NOW] (Miraculous AU)

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pluto By AlpacaTheGreat Updated Nov 08, 2016

*Amazing cover made by @ladybooger ! Thank you so much!*

Ladybug is an angel. She was born in heaven, and she is one of Fu's most faithful angels. She extra sweet, extra kind, and extremely beautiful, but she has no idea about anything that happens on Earth. But one day, dancing among the clouds, her foot slipped and she plummeted straight towards the mortal world. Now, she's stuck on Earth until she can learn how to get back up to heaven. So under the disguise as a mortal girl named Marinette, Ladybug must learn how to get back, as well as enduring the mortal world.

Chat Noir is an akuma. Or at least was. He was once an angel, too. But now he's a hybrid of both. Technically a sprite. He feeds on anger, frustration, and sadness, and that feeds his magic. And even though he doesn't necessarily like his ways, he's trying his hardest to get in Master Fu's good graces and maybe get into heaven.

And that's when he met Ladybug. He knew she was an angel, but how did she get to Earth? She seemed to young to be sent on angel-missions, and she is hopelessly lost. But the thing is, she's trying to get back to heaven and Fu. Which means she can take him to heaven too. But the thing is... she may have stolen his heart. So under the disguise of a normal mortal boy named Adrien, Chat Noir is trying to bide his time to win heaven and Ladybug's heart, while sticking to his plan.

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Pride_Ohana_Dragons Pride_Ohana_Dragons Jun 15, 2016
sooo.. in other words. hawkmoth is the reincarnation of satan. *shrugs shoulders* nice
Popparker22 Popparker22 May 25, 2016
Omg... I have a new favorite fan fic. All praise Alpaca the Great!!! 
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romancelove12 romancelove12 Jul 11, 2016
He cool. I thought u did another picture. Glad u picked a picture that he looks hot in
MoroseDolly MoroseDolly Jul 12, 2016
                              /OMFG I JUST/
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- - May 25, 2016
OH GOSH! This is good!! I honestly need to learn how to write like you!! :)
saclark15 saclark15 Jul 11, 2016
God he's hot.
                              Chat Noir's almost got a run for his money here