Unchain Me

Unchain Me

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Kat By kat_9004 Updated May 18

In the BigHit Entertainment, she's a sort of the left-out girl, and he's the perfect good-looking maknae of a famous k-pop group. But the two of them have a secret and their surprising love story starts now!

Park Y/N, is quite a distant and observant girl and thanks to her cold personality she is known as the 'Ice Queen' to many of those in the company. In addition, she is actually a popular webtoon artist who goes by the name 'sirensong'. Sadly, with no experience in romance or sensual male contact, Y/N is unable to express the romance her fans want from her story. And there is the company's precious Jeon Jungkook, your so-called perfect boy, who is really a womanizer and bad boy, has fallen into Y/N's trap when she blackmails him, in result Jungkook ends up doing Y/N's "Operation Love." 

As this continues, will these "tasks" be an opportunity for them to fall in love? Or will it be the reason Y/N can never open her heart?

A/N: Some of this story was inspired by my favorite manga, however, not all of it will be like the manga. 
So I give credit to the beginning of the story to my favorite writer, I'm sorry if I made any of the readers upset. I still hope you will continue reading this, however, because I promise you it will not stay the same as the plot of the manga.

Misseza Misseza Sep 15
I think i have read the manga too.. hope your story will be a success
Okay this is honestly me. I have the cold hAnds to prove it.
Nitzy97 Nitzy97 Aug 13
OMG I know exactly what Manga this is based on and I am one happy fan 😄
Omg is this inspired by missions of love. It has to be and it makes me so happy cuz I love that series and jungkook is obvi my bias. It's like a double win 😍
-googie -googie 29 minutes ago
this is actually me i wear glasses and my hands are always cold i-