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The Mercenary's Concubine

The Mercenary's Concubine

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Cynthia Montoya By Cyn_happiness77 Updated Sep 14, 2016

Mercenaries are cold, ruthless killers that stain their calloused hands in the blood of guilt for the sake of money. Such selfish beings, one wonders: Are they even human?
    	Perhaps...perhaps not. 
    	Isis is an Egyptian slave, and has been since she can last remember. The last memories she has of freedom were when she was nothing but a child, so naïve and tender. Until an army of men in all black surged into her village and tore away from all she knew-from all she loved. It was only decades later that she was purchased by a man; a man of cold russet eyes and raven hair. He was a mercenary, just like the ones that killed her family. He vowed to break her...and to make her his.
    	Although she had lost her name the second she became a slave; Isis lost her soul the minute he paid for her. 
    	She's not just his slave...
    	She's his concubine...
                                               The Mercenary's Concubine

Just wanted to point out that Turkey wasn't a country at this time, this would be the Ottoman Empire, unless of course you wanted it to be Turkey for writing purposes. But just in case you wanted to be historically accurate or something
TakenUsernameSoz TakenUsernameSoz Sep 22, 2016
الام 'means 'The mother
                              ومي is probably more accurate meaning literally mother
Absolutely_Positive Absolutely_Positive Oct 05, 2016
Okay, okay. I actually have a sister named Isis so I just HAD time read this.  OMG OMG
xXx_Dark-Stars_xXx xXx_Dark-Stars_xXx Dec 27, 2015
holy carp. her dad's name is Manuel. does that mean he's buying his own daughter? holy crab cakes.
feverishfrenzy feverishfrenzy Aug 30, 2015
This book is pretty god dam impresssive. Good looks. Ur right alongside my favorite authors, Dr.Seuss and Barbara Park
blissit blissit Feb 13, 2014
Oh my god that is so sad :( , but good beginning now we know what happend .