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Purple eyes

Purple eyes

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Pocokitty By pocokitty Updated Mar 06

Curiosity has always been my flaw. I've always been questioning life and ignoring the things that are important to me. I overthink every situation and ask about everything. Sometimes I think I just need to take a step back and hit accept that this is the way of life.

No, I will never accept it nor will I ever forgive what these people have done to my family and best friend. Ever since the day they attacked, I've been miserable and stuck with them. They say they're not aliens. They look human - kind of. They're more strong, intelligent, attractive and fast compared to us but one thing that really separates us from them is there eyes. Those sickly and kind purple eyes that constantly watch you and feed off your suffering.

We are not their pets. We are not there for their own entertainment. I don't care if I'm rebelling, these "people" don't deserve our love and focus. I refuse to be their animal...even his.

Ruicard Ruicard Mar 11
Actually her questions are quite valid. I asked this stuff when I was little too.
animechan77 animechan77 Mar 19
That is why many people wish to escape this damned 'reality' and go to a place they call 'fantasy'
XxThatWildCatxX XxThatWildCatxX Sep 04, 2016
hey poco-chan....
                              can I make your book an lps series?? ((With credit to you, of course))
Miyashita_Anko Miyashita_Anko Oct 18, 2016
"I was a dumb child"
                              Beautiful way to start a story 👍👍👍👌👌👌
- - Sep 02, 2016
Hmm.. I think I will.. cause it's Science! XD but I'm not familiar with that book of yours because I just randomly found this book here in Wattpad while I was messing around. XD