Twitter ✦ h.s. [Book Two] ✓

Twitter ✦ h.s. [Book Two] ✓

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'EveGrace has followed you on Twitter!'

*Follows EveGrace*

'EveGrace has mentioned you in a tweet!'

*Looks at tweet*

'@ Sftly17black is hot af'

Book Two in the Social Media Series

Copyright 2016: NikeyStyles

-lovelyhs -lovelyhs Jun 13
i was watching KUWTK and everyone was having fun and she was complaining the whole time.
"ever hear of etsy?"
                              "yeah I get my graphic tees from there" THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD IDK WHY
oh I get it he does remember her and luke and what happened, he just doesn't remember the shortened name and he doesn't think it's her bc no face in her pics
xstylesbae xstylesbae Jan 30
Moment i get it. EveGrace is Evelyn and its harry POV right? I'm confused.
J_1994_S J_1994_S Feb 08
I hated Kendall before she was even THAT famous, since I saw a video of her & Kylie on a shelter & they both acted so disgusted.
omg this is ironic bc remember ur story with Adeline where harry says he wouldn't take the call even if Steve Jobs was on the phone JSJAKAJDANBABAB