Obsessed {Book #1 of The Obsessed Series}

Obsessed {Book #1 of The Obsessed Series}

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{Book #1 of The Obsessed Series} 

When Adam Levine named his debut album Songs About Jane, he never anticipated the questions that would haunt him for years to come. 

Who is Jane? 
Where is Jane? 
Are you still in love with Jane? 

Now more than a decade after she left, Adam is still writing songs about the girl that got away. And Jane has never quite managed to stop listening.

Read the (not quite) true story of a love that was always meant to be, and the power of music to heal two broken hearts.

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NOTE: This story is totally fictional and not based in any way on actual events!

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- - Mar 31
You have my undivided attention. This is beautifully written.
Oh_So_Playful Oh_So_Playful Dec 16, 2016
                              I WOULD STILL BE HOLDING YOU LIKE THIS.
                              ALL THOSE FAIRYTALES ARE FULL OF IT, 
                              ONE MORE STUPID LOVE SONG, I'LL BE SICK!!!!!
TheJetPaskinskyIII TheJetPaskinskyIII Sep 17, 2016
You say it's too late to make it
                              But is it too late to try!!
                              STILL MY FAVOURITE
RavenBarbaraPotter RavenBarbaraPotter Sep 26, 2016
This should be really really good. I've got my ice cream and I'm ready to start
CharlyManlove CharlyManlove Nov 09, 2016
Wasn't expecting to connect to this story on a deeper level. The soulmate subject always reaches for my heart :)
madbixx madbixx Sep 17, 2016
No Adam it's okay really ... I've been in love with this guy for ten years too ...