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╮(╯_╰)╭ By aestheticallyfucked Updated Mar 06

"You look like a sin right now, a sin that shouldn't be committed but guess what baby boy, the gods are on a leave today"

kpopfrlife kpopfrlife Apr 30
If I was Jungkook and got caught looking I would mouth back at the guy, "Close yo blinds boi. If ya don't want people lookin' why leave it open? Thirsty a$$ b¡tch." Then I would grab my camera and take a picture. Then mouth back. "Thank's for the souvenir."
taeypo taeypo May 07
Other than reading the story, I love reading the comments even better. Comments are like live safers. 
                              I love commenters.
Oh wow I was expecting a backstory  erm that was rlly weird😂😂
Boi my mum hit me for saying "there's enough room here" during dinner time
The0ddOne The0ddOne Jul 08
If I was caught I would probably throw myself on the ground or bed and roll around in embarrasment wishing that I could just disappear. Lol, I can't handle those types of situations.
laysbians laysbians Feb 17
I mean what if they were just dabbing
                              ....on each other's dicks