You're Not Half Bad For A Human. (swapfell Sans X Reader)

You're Not Half Bad For A Human. (swapfell Sans X Reader)

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HAi im TeMmicA jk name's Nics By Kawaii_Neko327 Updated Nov 14, 2017

You are a lone girl with a normal and boring life... You worked at a convinient store just a few blocks away from your not so great House.

You were a rather stoic person who didn't care much about the world. You were also a caffeine addict which wasn't so healthy, but you didn't care either way.

Anyway, 3-4 years ago the barrier shattered causing the monsters to become free by the help of a young human named Chara.

The monsters were ruthless and terrifying, but they never hurt or kill anyone. But humans were still scared to approach them. On the other hand you, just literally ignored it. You didn't care anyway.

Then one day, something changed in your daily basis causing your whole life to change so much.


"Now now My Lord, we have to show a good first impression right?"


-Curse words
-Mentions of deppresion
-Gruesome Actions/Scenes

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Renatisen Renatisen Jan 03
Me:Already am a total ass
                              *breaks tv*
                              Mom: FOR FŪCK SAKE RENATA!!!
Temy4lifh00i Temy4lifh00i Oct 05, 2017
No, I was... Um... Staring at the wall beside you. It's very fascinating, I've never seen anything like it!
sugarcat2343 sugarcat2343 Nov 19, 2017
I would love to go to a McDonalds. I would KILL for a cheeseburger.
Kalette_Kia Kalette_Kia Oct 07, 2017
Yep, the old days.
                              My bro: Wait, the old days?
                              Not really.
_BrainDead_ _BrainDead_ Nov 18, 2017
um a yellow dress with a grey sweater and white flats? maybe a brown bag too lel ooohh and definitely a blue hairclip =v=
s55601 s55601 Nov 17, 2017
Well you are definitely not HIGH and mighty. If you get what I mean.