You're Not Half Bad For A Human. (swapfell Sans X Reader)

You're Not Half Bad For A Human. (swapfell Sans X Reader)

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HAi im TeMmicA jk name's Nics By Kawaii_Neko327 Updated Feb 22

You are a lone girl with a normal and boring life... You worked at a convinient store just a few blocks away from your not so great House.

You were a rather stoic person who didn't care much about the world. You were also a caffeine addict which wasn't so healthy, but you didn't care either way.

Anyway, 3-4 years ago the barrier shattered causing the monsters to become free by the help of a young human named Chara.

The monsters were ruthless and terrifying, but they never hurt or kill anyone. But humans were still scared to approach them. On the other hand you, just literally ignored it. You didn't care anyway.

Then one day, something changed in your daily basis causing your whole life to change so much.


"Now now My Lord, we have to show a good first impression right?"


-Curse words
-Mentions of deppresion
-Gruesome Actions/Scenes

I only own the Cover Art and Story. I DO NOT own SwapFell AU.

Wolfiexsans Wolfiexsans Nov 27, 2016
Okay then, Welp lets just a.... -locks self in a room and types ten hate comments- *whispers - find me now sucker.
Cptcptp Cptcptp Jan 19
I finished reading that one sansxreader that's over 800 pages long in three days, freaking fight me
1mouse2 1mouse2 Feb 20
My OCs are often almost like alternate versions of myself or a reflection of what I'm interested in at the moment. When people make fun of my OCs ya' know what happens...? They have a BAD time.
charmenpez charmenpez Sep 24, 2016
Hablo español y aun así estoy aqui pero solo temgo una palabra 
                              QUE WEA? solo eso me voy soy una asquerosa shipera fontcest y charisk amante de UYUY :v
Bruh i would feel the same. Keyword: Would. Well i have made fanfics but no one is reading em. Well they are but not commenting
Kitchiikat Kitchiikat Sep 14, 2016
I know how you feel about your Oc's I am in almost every fandom you can think of and trust me there are haters everywhere ignore them I bet your Oc's are awesome 
                              Stay creative 
                              - a random person