MaNan TS : Our Little Blessing

MaNan TS : Our Little Blessing

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"Such an amazing, beautiful story with soo much purity ❤❤❤ All the updates very well penned 👌 Loved this story sooo muchh 💞😘😘"  ~ ForeverHumesha

"This was beautiful, believe me and all the more worth the wait ❤️ it just seems as a 'happily ever after', the one that exactly seems like heaven. You deserve all the love girl, keep writing more like these ones and do inform me. Love this one 💜"  ~ StarsAndFireflies_

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"You don't need to pretend Manik." My voice came out shaky than I intended.

And the next second, he turned and hugged me tightly. He hasn't spoke to me since yesterday evening neither have I. He has locked all his emotions, just for my sake. I can't thank god enough for sending him in my life. But at the same time it's so miserable seeing my saviour, my hero, my LOVE, like this. 

Just then, I felt my shoulders wet, that's when I realised he's crying, it made my eyes wet.

I gently ruffled his hair while I was trying to be strong. But failed. And soon a strangled sob came out of my throat..

"Why Mani Why! Why did god punish us like this.. I'm sorry Manik, I failed today. As a wife. As a woman." When I remember whatever happened, it breaks my heart. Shatter is the better word for it..

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avni_mehandiratta avni_mehandiratta Apr 06, 2017
How do you write so gracefully is the only question that popped up in my mind after reading this.... Beautiful!!!
SukannaDas SukannaDas Jun 22, 2016
Cliff pe chod diya😞 nandu ese kiyu bat karrithi huya kya he and manik car se bhagke kaha gaya
- - Jun 21, 2016
Matlab cliff pe chord dia -__- but the part was 😍😍😍😍😍 update soon baby wrna maine curiosity ke mare marr hi jana h
shaan15 shaan15 Jul 17, 2016
Excellent update.....
                              Manan's so much in pain....
                              Luved it....
- - Jun 20, 2016
Anya this is so damn fab. Like seriously. I love this part. And yes this genre is perfect. Everything is so perfect.
ImLilMissComplicated ImLilMissComplicated Jun 20, 2016
I loved the first chapter Anya ........ Excited for the next one ....