The Dark Rose

The Dark Rose

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Jesus Narvaez By NotToBad Updated 7 days ago

Cover Art by En-Cher-Blue from Tumblr.

Bringing this from my Fanfiction account.

Fairy Tail, Modern AU: When assassin Erza Scarlet is hired to kill presidential candidate, Natsu Dragneel, she scoffs and simply thinks of this of an easy task.

Little did she know however, once she figures out his ticks, motivations and actual life, she soon begins to reevaluate her own life, even as to slowly falling in love with him and vice versa.

Would she still have the strength to kill the one she loves? Or would both of their worlds crash and collide with each other? 

It's a Nerza/Natza fanfic. Rating is currently T, however, it may change to an M later.

I wonder if this was recreated for the anime. BTW, nice story! 😊
O.O This is awesome! I love the detail you used and how the characters are portrayed here. Excellent work so far! :D