Heart Of A Hero (Boku No Hero Academia X Reader)

Heart Of A Hero (Boku No Hero Academia X Reader)

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Hugzter By simpleanime_lover Updated Jan 10

"I may be a spawn of a villain, but I have a heart of a hero!"
- (Y/n) (l/n)

(Y/n) is the daughter of the most infamous villain duo, Big Bad Wolf, the name of her mother, and Professor Posses, her father. 

-I'll give you information about 'yourself' in the first chapter.

OyaOyaOikawa OyaOyaOikawa Aug 11, 2016
                              HE EVEN SAID KUN
                              oh wait
                              I have a boy hair cut
                              That explains it
Your_Death_Bed Your_Death_Bed May 26, 2016
love the story, you're an amazing writer. Keep up the good work:)
soda0409 soda0409 Jul 09, 2016
Yes especially when he said COMPUTER TIME while throwing his head back and forth XD
llama_freakk llama_freakk Jun 17, 2016
Sooo did he want to disect me because I'm fine with that😂
llama_freakk llama_freakk Jun 17, 2016
Lmao sounds like Dr. Stein from Soul Eater I always wanted him to be my daddy😂😂😂
weebstick weebstick Jan 17
tbh I have quite the masculine figure, similar to the character. They call the reader kun because she looks manly, and is mistakened for a male or just being called kun because she looks like a male, and he knows she is a male.