Heart Of A Hero (Boku No Hero Academia X Reader)

Heart Of A Hero (Boku No Hero Academia X Reader)

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Hugzter By simpleanime_lover Updated Jun 12

"I may be a spawn of a villain, but I have a heart of a hero!"
- (Y/n) (l/n)

(Y/n) is the daughter of the most infamous villain duo, Big Bad Wolf, the name of her mother, and Professor Posses, her father. 

-I'll give you information about 'yourself' in the first chapter.

                              HE EVEN SAID KUN
                              oh wait
                              I have a boy hair cut
                              That explains it
love the story, you're an amazing writer. Keep up the good work:)
soda0409 soda0409 Jul 09
Yes especially when he said COMPUTER TIME while throwing his head back and forth XD
Sooo did he want to disect me because I'm fine with that😂
Lmao sounds like Dr. Stein from Soul Eater I always wanted him to be my daddy😂😂😂
Why kun? Kun is used for a guy you kinda know. Even if they are children the most he might day is 'san' or 'chan' but still. It is confusing, expect if Deku thinks that reader chan is q guy....but it is still confusing me.