Her Bodyguard | Justin Bieber (Completed)

Her Bodyguard | Justin Bieber (Completed)

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L.P. Rose By LilaRose94 Completed

Ava Costello is a 20 year old hell raiser and an only child.

Her father is the notorious Tommy Costello, head Mob Boss of Black Mask  and has a feared reputation throughout Brooklyn.

When Ava's life is threatened by Tommy's arch enemy, Joey Mendez, Tommy will stop at nothing to protect his beloved daughter including hiring the infamous psychopath Justin Bieber as her personal bodyguard.

He has a troubled past, hidden secrets and a bad temper. She gets everything she wants, when she wants and is hard work.

How far will Justin go to protect the most important person in Tommy's life?

How far will Ava go when she realizes that the only thing she wants, is Her Bodyguard.

Rated 18+ years
Strong language, violence and sexual scenes throughout
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This is without any editting or anything, how can anyone be so naturally perfect?
kitto16 kitto16 2 days ago
What is it about the criminal version of Justin idk it’s pretty entertaining
ActingBadly ActingBadly 3 days ago
                              I'm reading a fanfic abkut the biebs and I don't like him that much 😂
WhhhaaaTT WhhhaaaTT Mar 10
I wish he didn’t get all those chest tattoos cause now I can’t see his abs but he is still beautiful and pure