Just Like Before (A Gaster!Sans x Reader)

Just Like Before (A Gaster!Sans x Reader)

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^ Seung-Gil Lee ♥ ^ By SimpleAutumnWest Updated Feb 12, 2017

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Y/N fell down the Hole of Mt.Ebott when she was 8 years old.
She lived happily with Toriel and with Other Monsters.
She has a best friend named Gaster!Sans.She calls him 'Gas' for short.

They always play at the Castle where Y/N's home is.
Y/N broke the barrier before she and gas became Best friends.
A few monsters went to the surface and a few monsters stayed because they love the underground too much.

Y/N and Gas would always play together,from morning to night.
They always had a crush on each other.but Toriel doesn't allow them to date because they are too young.

But,one day Y/N was seperated from Gas and Toriel.
Her Parents found out where she was and took her back to the surface.
Y/N promised Gas That she will come back.
That Moment was the Saddest moment of Y/N and Gas' Life.


After a few years.....

Y/N fulfilled her promise.

and came back....

Will Her and Gas see each other again?
Will Gas remember her?
To find out,read the story!

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Lol. Im a hard æßß-betch with no concern for anything else except....
                              ( lol. Kill me pls.)
I sometimes question toriel. She said that she will destroy the door but does that mean that the door will just be broken and we can still go through?
Exoticbutters29 Exoticbutters29 Jul 28, 2017
                              IM STILL EXOTIC BUTTERS. >:3
harleycat15 harleycat15 Nov 21, 2017
this is just the story of frisk. and basically original undertale. in echotale (the actual au with g sans in) the monsters make it up to the surface and there is a war between humans and monsters.
TemWritesUndertale TemWritesUndertale Sep 02, 2017
                              YOU'RE WTILL AN IDIOT
                              (Thank you. I am very aware of the knowledge I was jut informed of)
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                              Your still a nerd (thx I love being a nerd)