Just Like Before (A Gaster!Sans x Reader)

Just Like Before (A Gaster!Sans x Reader)

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Y/N fell down the Hole of Mt.Ebott when she was 8 years old.
She lived happily with Toriel and with Other Monsters.
She has a best friend named Gaster!Sans.She calls him 'Gas' for short.

They always play at the Castle where Y/N's home is.
Y/N broke the barrier before she and gas became Best friends.
A few monsters went to the surface and a few monsters stayed because they love the underground too much.

Y/N and Gas would always play together,from morning to night.
They always had a crush on each other.but Toriel doesn't allow them to date because they are too young.

But,one day Y/N was seperated from Gas and Toriel.
Her Parents found out where she was and took her back to the surface.
Y/N promised Gas That she will come back.
That Moment was the Saddest moment of Y/N and Gas' Life.


After a few years.....

Y/N fulfilled her promise.

and came back....

Will Her and Gas see each other again?
Will Gas remember her?
To find out,read the story!

                              IM STILL EXOTIC BUTTERS. >:3
Uh... Why there no spaces after da punctuation?
                              Accidentally,she tripped and fell down the hole.
                              Accidentally, [ ] she tripped and fell downt he hole
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In the game, when Flowey says LV, was LoVe, I always thought HP stood for HoPe.
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