Fragmented {The Reason #2}

Fragmented {The Reason #2}

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"I can't be fixed anymore cause I'm no more broken but I'm fragmented."

Meet Bree Adams, she's the most successful 25 year old woman in London. She's everything a girl would want to be. She's successful, popular, beautiful and rich. Everyone who look at her would think she has a perfect life. Do you really think being successful, popular, beautiful and rich could make her life perfect?

"The people who look the strongest in front of everybody, are sometimes the ones who cry themselves to sleep at night."

Bree is that person. If she looks back in her life then she finds nothing but emotions that did nothing but broke her forever. Mending a broken heart could be possible but mending a fragmented heart is something that may never happen. 

Meet Aiden Waters, the most successful 25 year old man in London. Everyone has a reason for making mistakes and so does he. Being successful and handsome don't make a person perfect. Maybe there is a mistake that he didn't realise he's done.

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_-pixie_dusk-_ _-pixie_dusk-_ May 24, 2016
Bree and Aiden!!!!! I seriously cant wait for the further chapts!!!! Omg!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Divaqueen1016 Divaqueen1016 Jun 18, 2016
This description is making me cry. Bree don't let those walls fall until he sees how much he made you suffer. I'm hooked
icecreambae icecreambae Jun 20, 2016
Alright baby I m so sorry for being an late ass , forgive me !
resseofthedawn resseofthedawn Jun 10, 2016
One advice, Bree. Never let him crash the walls if he doesn't show how much he suffers.
MyLovely1996 MyLovely1996 Jul 24, 2016
Everyone's like "why Widen" or "poor Bree" and I'm sitting here like "... I love One Tree Hill..."...
my-eternal-love my-eternal-love May 17, 2016
Omg anna dat ws intense......d prologue is undoubtedly fabulous......keep going girl.....bless u:*