Marry You For The Baby

Marry You For The Baby

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The weather after the rain was pleasant. I took a sip from my sugarless coffee just like Arjun. Arjun and Aadhya became my world from moment I married him. I will do anything to keep them happy.

As I was about to turn around but a pair of arms circled my waist making me still at my place.

Arjun ?

"I know you will never leave me and the baby" he said taking in my scent.

"A-Arjun ?" I stuttered.

"They said you were gone and never coming back but I love you too much to let you go Midhu" that is the moment I came back to from another world.

He thought I was her ?

I slowly freed myself from his arms and turned around to face him. I find him with closed eyes and a big smile on his beautiful face.

"I'm Veni, Not Midhya" I said making his smile disappear.

I feel bad for veni..!😖
                              Its not easy to be in a loveless marriage!
priya1554 priya1554 Jul 17
Wow...its going to be a lovely story...waiting for another update!!
swatz82 swatz82 May 19
i have posted msgs before ...pata naii kaha gayab hogayae ..hopng u got dem :(
AshShaz AshShaz Aug 01
do update more, this is far more interesting than married to a stranger !
                              note it it's spiffing too !
Superb!!!! I can tell that Arjun really loved Midhya alot...... waiting for more..
KirthyReddy KirthyReddy Jul 17
Plz update regularly wen u hav such good response... Atleast weekly one update....