Teach Me to Love  ||Zane x Reader||

Teach Me to Love ||Zane x Reader||

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"What is love?"

"It's a feeling."

"Will you teach me to love?"

"... Sure, as long as you'll love me."


Zane Ro'meave is the middle child of Zianna and Garte Ro'meave. He lives in MyStreet, where crazy things seem to happen everyday. He has a... So-so life. He doesn't believe in love. Only because he hasn't experienced it.

One day a girl moves into the house across the street from him. They have a lot in common but he wants nothing to do with her, but the people that live on MyStreet  insist on trying to make them friends. Slowly they become friends and the girl teaches Zane to love.

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{{trigger warnings: depression; self-harm; suicide attempt; suicidal thoughts}}

{all the characters belong to Aphmau. Except you, you belong to you. MyStreet also belongs to Aphmau. The plot belongs to me. No stealing! K? P.s. It will have a few cuss words. Cover by the amazing @allaboutthatLeo check her out, her stories are awesome!}

Hey I'm already loving this book and I was wondering if you could check out my mystreet fan story and see what you think. Thanks if you do!
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What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more (sorry, not sorry) XD
Zane I am shy and a little and I love you!
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