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Mariah By Mariah242 Completed


"Are you serious right now? EVERYTHING i've done for you! An' this is how you do me?"I spoke, I was literally hurting as I spoke. The past two years have been basically wasted on him..."They told me..."I trailed off as I stood. I wiped a tear from my cheek. I backed up as he stepped toward me.
"DO NOT touch me!"I exclaimed, Pushing his hands away from me. 

"Jai"He tried to speak. I was not having it. I wanted to smack the stuff out of him, But I didn't want to hurt my hand. I rolled my eyes as I turned away from him. He followed me down the hall, I dipped into the bedroom and slammed the door, Locking it before he got to it. 

"Jailyn!"He yelled as he banged on the door. "C'mon, What's wrong? Open the door!"He continued to try to open the door.

"Go AWAY!"I rejected his efforts. I was finished...Done...I pulled the doors to the closet open and began piling clothes into my two suitcases. I cried as I did so, How can he do this to me? Eventually, He gave up on trying to get in. ...

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