Forgetting Axel

Forgetting Axel

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A. L. Winter By AmythestWinter Updated Nov 25

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"Four years ago, just as we finished middle school," I reply, watching as she moves across the room, grabbing the tea. "I got a text from a friend a day ago, saying that he was back in town."

She nods, putting the tea into a cup, her pale blue eyes, just like his, pale and blue as the ocean, watching me. 

"He's back, yes, for good. To take over his father's business."

I nod, crossing my legs as I see a picture of him with his parents. "She said he changed."

"Don't we all?" She asks, handing me the tea as my memories of us pop up, from the first meet, to the first kiss, to when we parted ways and he was taken from me, never expecting to return. "We all change at some point in life."

Sighing, I take a sip of the drink and get ready for my next words. "I know I've changed."

"How so?"

My body becomes hot as the nerves go off within me. "I won't be someone he loves and then never contacts again. I've put him behind me, Gege, and I hope he has done the same as well."

But have a I really forgotten my emotions for him?

He's changed...but something tells me it's not for the best. 

WARNING: mature. 
A werewolf novel

Why is sooo familiar? Oh wait, it's happening to me and it's been 3 months and it hurts. It really really hurts.
muffinpoo_ muffinpoo_ Aug 14
This is good because all of the other boys on Wattpad are fückin Abercrombie models
myama1234 myama1234 Jun 15
Wait. Is this the same Zion as your other book? How do they connect?
You're leaving and you may not come back but the only thing you give her is a blown kiss to the heart. Give her a real one, geez
Is he related to Zion? Because they have the same last name.
I don't understand how someone can name their kid Axel? Like sorry no offense but that is one of the worst names ever... Or maybe that's just me my native tongue is german and in german "axel" means "armpit" 😅😁