Slaughter ❦ T'Challa Udaku.

Slaughter ❦ T'Challa Udaku.

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T'Challa; the man known as the handsome Black Panther. While visiting the U.S., his father pressures him to find a Queen fit for the Wakandan throne. 

Kirsten; the woman struggling to make ends meet in a small apartment in New York City. Fresh out of a bad relationship, she and her younger sister, Leah, are all on their own.

The Black Panther is ready to board his plane back home to Wakanda, Africa to deal with his father who will be upset with him coming home without a woman on his arm. The day T'Challa's flight is delayed, the annual Purge takes place.

With heavy murder and other crimes taking place, how does T'Challa still manage to fall madly in love in only 12 hours?


[Semi-AU - Mature Language/Content]
[Highest Ranking: #229 in Horror]

{NO Civil War/Black Panther Spoilers!}

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Britt Nicole!!! I don't know like anyone who likes her but me..... But she's so good, and I love her
just watched the black panther movie and I’m already onto fanfic 😭
jasmine779 jasmine779 Feb 18
Maybe if I don’t cry I won’t feel anymore Stone Cold baby
islandrain islandrain Jul 28, 2017
And yassss my song!!!! "I don't wanna be left in this world tonight" 🎶🎶
ZSiddZ ZSiddZ Dec 06, 2017
- - May 31, 2016
this playlist is so good oml. but thank you for the dedication, boo! I'm sorry I'm so late for this! ❤️❤️