Ice Cold Bathtub- Amedot

Ice Cold Bathtub- Amedot

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Peridot never liked fire. It was dangerous and reckless and definitely not something she'd ever fool around with, her mother always told her never to play with fire. But somehow a soccer game and a science class seating chart pulled her into the fireplace, where she sat despite her mother's warning. She should have known. But she couldn't have.

Because in the end, Amethyst was a tube of watermelon jolly rancher flavored cyanide and Peridot was a candy addict.

(Amedot high school au)

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Jedi_Kelon Jedi_Kelon Jul 25, 2017
I think we can all relate to Jasper here. *eyes are red from staying up all night binge-watching Attack On Titan*
argenticNocturne argenticNocturne May 18, 2016
this is amazing!!! well written and suspenseful...nyehehehe, we'll see about that "distraction" remaining in that status, hmmm? anyway :)
ivoryrat ivoryrat Mar 06, 2017
I read "hurt her butt" in peridots tone of "that's your butt!" XD couldn't resist