The Hated Sister

The Hated Sister

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Grace Kathleen House By GraceKathleen02 Completed

You know the Grier Family
They have one little secret,
Let me formally introduced myself.
I'm Hailey, Hayes' twin sister
Nash and Hayes decided it would be best if the public didn't know about me, for my 'best interest'.
What happens when my brothers get caught in there own lies?

I asked @colbis_ if I could finish writing their story because school can be stressful and I don't care about school. 

Suicidal thoughts
Suicidal Attempts

Don't like, don't read.

Check out @colbis_ for books. 

I changed her name to Hailey, her original name was Diana and I'm starting at a different point as Nash and Hayes started Magcon. They started Magcon 2 months earlier. Enjoy!

DogloverFlash DogloverFlash May 18, 2016
it seems so good is it already done it says finished reading the book
Iluvthedolantwins12 Iluvthedolantwins12 Sep 19, 2016
Well crap then because I'm thirteen and I'm 160. I feel really bad about myself now. Kns
Ary_0127 Ary_0127 Nov 24, 2016
How are you fat when you way eighty pounds and you have to be beautiful if you are in the family your in
lymio2 lymio2 Nov 05, 2016
How tf are you fat? I consider that skinny, and your tall asf.
ItsawonderfulDae ItsawonderfulDae Dec 13, 2016
Tf? I'm 5ft 1inch and I weigh more than that. Chick skinny af
hamiltonislife36 hamiltonislife36 Dec 28, 2016
I'm awkward what do u have against awkward people Hayes?😂😂😂