Do You Hate Me, Nagito? (Nagito Komaeda X Reader)

Do You Hate Me, Nagito? (Nagito Komaeda X Reader)

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FlyingRAbbitz By FlyingRAbbitz Updated Jun 16, 2016

This is my first fanfic about my current interest, Nagito Komaeda! @_@ Never written one fanfic before, and I hope you guys would love it. The story will follow the track of the game till the end. 

I might add the Island mode version in the future, if I feel like it *upupupupu*

Nevertheless, have a good reading!

oooOOOOOHHHHHHHG 0///0 SUCHHH A DADDYYY AAaaaaaaaAAAAAAaAaaHHhhhhHHHH~~~~ 0U0 @3@ 0///0
Babe I love her let’s turn this into an Akane x Reader ;)))
Yeah... He talks about poop a lot and yells louder then Ishimaru. Heheh
He isn't Hajime! The Hajime I know would've wanted Orange Juice! 0.0
LaKarlota LaKarlota Aug 10
In short, you negotiate people's parties  in an creative way?
That's the one thing nobody thinks while thinking about anime characters