Do You Hate Me, Nagito? (Nagito Komaeda X Reader)

Do You Hate Me, Nagito? (Nagito Komaeda X Reader)

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FlyingRAbbitz By FlyingRAbbitz Updated Jun 16, 2016

This is my first fanfic about my current interest, Nagito Komaeda! @_@ Never written one fanfic before, and I hope you guys would love it. The story will follow the track of the game till the end. 

I might add the Island mode version in the future, if I feel like it *upupupupu*

Nevertheless, have a good reading!

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oooOOOOOHHHHHHHG 0///0 SUCHHH A DADDYYY AAaaaaaaaAAAAAAaAaaHHhhhhHHHH~~~~ 0U0 @3@ 0///0
-heartmomo -heartmomo Jul 11
Babe I love her let’s turn this into an Akane x Reader ;)))
what other people would say my talent is: Ultimate Manga Artist, Ultimate Singer, Ultimate Writer
                              actual talent: Ultimate Procrastinator, Ultimate Sarcasm, Ultimate Trash
Yeah... He talks about poop a lot and yells louder then Ishimaru. Heheh
He isn't Hajime! The Hajime I know would've wanted Orange Juice! 0.0
-LaKarlota- -LaKarlota- Aug 10
In short, you negotiate people's parties  in an creative way?