Brooding - Viktor Krum ✔️

Brooding - Viktor Krum ✔️

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Viktor Krum likes to stay away from people. Despite his fame and the many fan clubs he has, he prefers solitude. He keeps conversations short and often comes across as rude. Underneath, he cares a lot about the people he loves and is a very good conversationalist. All you have to do is dig underneath all the layers of indifference.

Grey Bree is a bubbly seventh year Hogwarts student during the Triwizard Tournament. She meets Krum by accident and decides to strike up a friendship with him despite his wishes to avoid her. He thinks that she is a part of his fan club, when in reality, she's never even heard of it. Her happy and outgoing personality annoys him when he just wants some peace and quiet.

Since she won't leave him alone, he reluctantly forms a friendship with her and allows the vivacious girl to bring him out of his shell. With no one else he wants to take, he decides to ask her to the Yule Ball. Can Grey withstand the torment of Krum's fan club?

I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters. All rights go to J. K. Rowling. Grey is mine, as are any other characters that are not in the books, and their plots belong to me.

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Well, Olivia playing Lindsey in 'I Didn't Do It' is how I imagine Grey.
Blackstars36 Blackstars36 Jul 14, 2016
Thank you so much this is super sweet of you keep up the good work
IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Jul 22, 2016
I'm only here to say: When I was in the Co-operative, the guy that was in front of me looked JUST LIKE HIM. I was fangirling and nearly dropped my bread oml. 😢something as beautiful as that won't ever happen again.
422527a 422527a Dec 27, 2016
I love Olivia Holt she was on "Kinin' it"  and I used to be absesed with that show
Blackstars36 Blackstars36 Jul 13, 2016
Please update I really want to see more of this story I know it going to be AMAZING !!!