[PROBABLY DISCONTINUED] We Meet Again: (Yandere!Levi X Reader)

[PROBABLY DISCONTINUED] We Meet Again: (Yandere!Levi X Reader)

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THIS STORY IS ON HOLD AS OF RIGHT NOW. I'm not in a good mood for multiple reasons. I also don't have any ideas or motive.

Sequel of 'I won't let you Leave Me'. 
Well, we could say that you were named after your early relative Y/N L/N... Or more like reincarnated. Yes, I said ReinCarnated. While Levi remembers everything that happened in the 850s, Y/N doesn't and lives her life as a teenager whose family died in a major car accident. (So Cliché)

P.S: Ignore the typo of my name in the corner of the cover.

Oh man sorry for all the stress those people put you through. I just hate when you ask as nicely as possible but people take it as an advantage 
                              Well in conclusion I hope you have stress free days from this point on Author-chan
puffedpastries puffedpastries Oct 19, 2016
I'm so sorry reader-chan for this nasty behavior ;-; let's hope more people actually read the author notes.~~~~~~~~~~I love this story btw <3
ninoo7 ninoo7 Oct 19, 2016
I'm sorry about the frustration you've been feeling! I hope people listen, and you feel better! (´;ω;`) I love the story by the way! )^o^(
I get that people roleplay in wrong places and such can be annoying, but come on, that was a really hateful message you gave to your followers.
Jayebassy Jayebassy Jan 20
Who role plays in comments? Damn, I'm sorry people just don't listen, ignorance, pure ignorance. I haven't received any comments on any of my stories so i can't relate at this point, but I sincerely apologize for the idiots who don't listen.
Amethyst_Heart Amethyst_Heart Oct 19, 2016
I completely agree. Everyone should read what author- san says. That way Author-san doesn't get up set. It's just rude when people continue to do something after being told to stop.