The French Café

The French Café

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Phoenix By PhoenixInTheNight Updated Jul 28, 2013

FrostIron AU. 

I do NOT own any of the Marvel Universe, unfortunately.  I do, however, own the plot and any possible OC's included. Based on a piece of fan art I found on Tumblr. If it's your fan art, tell me and I'll give you full credit. 

Tony woke up and groaned. He rubbed his eyes and stood up, looking around his cramped apartment. It was a small place, over-looking a tiny alley in the middle of Paris.  He sighed and walked through to the shabby kitchen. His coffee machine shuddered to life and the thick slop started to trickle into the mug. While the coffee - if you could call it that - was trickling into the mug, Tony made himself some toast. He ate and drank before walking through to his bathroom. Staring at himself in the slightly-cracked mirror, he washed his face and brushed his short brown hair. Slipping his clothes on, he walked out of the apartment and locked the door. 

Just before he walked into the café, he checked himself in the reflection on the shiny glass. His sma...