from the ashes (she will rise) ➸ octaven

from the ashes (she will rise) ➸ octaven

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lena By txrches Updated Aug 28, 2017

Raven shakes her head and turns back to Octavia, propping her elbows up on the table and giving the girl her full attention. "So what is it, tiny? You part of the dead parents club?"

Octavia tenses, the water glass in her hand shakes and she quickly sets it back down.

"Raven," Indra hisses, her fork clattering against the plate. "Enough."


A Group Home AU where Octavia loses it all, Raven never had it to begin with, and Lexa just wants to watch Jeopardy reruns. Octaven-centric.

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Milesdaloser000 Milesdaloser000 Jun 18, 2017
This is really my 10th time reading this book because it's better than like all the other Octaven books tbh
slayshay slayshay Aug 28, 2017
ok back to reading the whole book to make sure i remember stuff before going thru w the rest of ur updates tysm for this blessing
sighwelp sighwelp Jan 28
lol lexa seems so chirpy and innocent for a senior compared to the others
sighwelp sighwelp Jan 28
i thought she was a young child before it said that she’s a senior
IncrediblyRandom IncrediblyRandom Aug 06, 2016
Idk man I love hospitals, except rate your pain, that i can agree on
hitheroadhxrry hitheroadhxrry May 16, 2016
nah she should pull an Alicia and hit her with the clipboard