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A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader

A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader

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Julie_The_Tiger By Julie_The_Tiger Completed

Sorry if there's any errors in the story TEAM DANNY FOR THE WIN FANGIRLS UNITE Oh yeah I'm not telling ya the story chu gotta read it for ya self (・ิω・ิ)

I used to have a Doberman pitcher but then she died because she got cancer. and she was a well proper behaved dog. I miss her. but now I got a new dog which is a Labrador or a lab.
koalabird koalabird Mar 09
I am the box ghost commander of all things square. . . But not rectangles
That's right! Beware the powerful and all mighty Cooper also known as Mr Mcfluffy pants.
This is so my dad! He does it all the time and I hate it! (Though it's partially my fault for being so easy to scare and paranoid about everything.) 😔
MY DOG  NAME IS ALICE , I NAMED HER AFTER ALICE IN WONDERLAND ..... (sorry but I really love that name )
*looks at comments with bored face* *pulls out Fenton Thermos* *suck in @Lilianatnt, @Taryn-Kairi, @-_AngelicDemon_-, and @Cupcake_Queen_* Yep, Ghost Zone for you all