Mr. Jeon's Wife #Wattys2017

Mr. Jeon's Wife #Wattys2017

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ㅡ女王 By Jeon_sQueen Completed

[BOOK 1]

"Tell me straight, look at me in the eyes JungKook... what's the benefit of being your wife?" I asked and he chuckled at my question, he pursed his lips and looked deep into my eyes. Gosh, I didn't know that I would feel like this just by him looking at me.

"You really want to know?" He asked and took one step forward. Aish. I have no where to go, I was already leaning on the wall. He trapped me with his arms and he was only 3 inches away from my lips. "You gotta find out for yourself, how about we get married, and let's find out the benefits together." He said and gave me a seducing look.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Shit. My heart's beating a million times then I thought.

"Tss, you're parents love me..." I know, I know... they all love Jeon JungKook.

"And I love you." He added. Wait... what?


     I gasped for air. God, why did she do that?! I looked around and saw Y/N covering her mouth... no... s-she saw that?!

"Y/N." I said but she ran away.


     I threw it all away, I'm the one to blame. It's all my fault. It's all my fault... I'm so sorry Y/N... I know I said that so many times, and for every time I said that, I mean it. I love you Y/N.

Start: 08.20.16
Status: Ask Mr. Jeon himself. UNEDITED; Completed forty five chapters (+3 epilogues)
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I laughed reading "international playboy". Oh kookie 😥💖💖💖😂😂
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Minho is soooo bae!! Like literally have tons of pics of Minho in my phone
Minho is my brother?? Sorry author nim. I'll just life with my oppa till die 😂
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@crownstyles2000 @watahmellon tgk trailer diaaaaaaa omg cita dia pon best
I LOVED IT!!!💕 I'm already in love with this book and i havn't even started reading the book. the trailers so amazing😍 and the description is...omg😍💘. I'm gonna vote!😆😊😂❤
"BLOW ME LIKE A FLUTE" everytime I see him it reminds of that song 😂