swaragini different love story

swaragini different love story

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guys i am going to start new love story and pairs are swasan and raglak but till 6 episode there will be just description of character and base of story but from episode 7 love story will start
                                             SWASAN LOVE STORY , favourate couple

guys from epi 1 to 6, swasan love story will not start because that will be base of their love story 
sanskar character- hot lavish womaniser and good business man who loves family but have no lights in his life due to his bitter past ( i will not add kavita in his past because everybody is fade of kavita so there will be different past and that )

swara character- poor girl with no lights in her life, strong character, deeply hates reach people due many reason,don't think about love because she has many problem in her life, earn money by teaching tuition, mature and wants to become doctor and she leaves with her mother only who is in coma
 story will go in the way that sanskar will try to rap swara badly (it is not clear that he will rape her or not) but swara will not see his face but she will deeply hate SANSKAR MAHESHWARI from core of her heart and it is normal that every girl will hate rappist
so biggest question how there love story start ?
 their love story will neither be revenge love concept nor the office type where swara in his office
but it will be different concept with funny love story dut to funny misunderstanding
question arises
how sanky will change ?
but how their love story will start and in which way their love story will start ?
how can a girl love a person who raped or try to rape her ?
one more thing how swara can love sanky because she hates rich people ?
how sanky will start loving swara ?
if he loves her  than in which way he will prove his love to swara ?
how swara will open her heart for sanky because she do not want to love ?

remaining intro of raglak story  in next episode with name "swaragini different love story episode 1"

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