Stay Pure

Stay Pure

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Emma Jean By planomania Completed

"The truth is, I gave so much of my love to you, that I didn't have enough love to give anyone else."

What starts out as a lust fueled infatuation, becomes a taboo driven relationship. Not much stands between the mature Nova and charismatic Maddox, their love blossoming like a flower in May. Then again, there's a recovering addict, a prissy Uni student, and a five year age gap. Let's not forget Maddox's bad timed conscience. Mix in a little tequila, and you've got yourself a beautiful love story.


cover credit: @auratics

highest ranking: #239/teen fiction

  • agegap
  • bwhm
  • downwiththeswirl
  • humour
  • innocence
  • interracial
  • latinx
  • love
  • mexican
  • romance
  • spanish
indigoclifford indigoclifford Mar 23, 2017
I know, I don't notice how bad my room is until I need to clean for people to come over
SamLo2 SamLo2 Dec 27, 2017
Lo l I thought it said 19 and than I read the comments saying 13 and I reread it than I was oh just oh
indigoclifford indigoclifford Mar 23, 2017
I feel bad because for some reason this was kind if funny to me
Is she actually 13 or will there be some big reveal that she’s like 16.
lovely_demise lovely_demise Aug 24, 2017
Bruh tbh these kids with makeup and push up bras be looking almost 18
AsapAnny AsapAnny Apr 22, 2017
Wtf isn't this slightly romanticising pedophilia like this isn't just a cute lil age gap or some ish