Her Orders

Her Orders

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Cill bypher By Cill_Bypher Updated Nov 02, 2017

"Who wants to start the bid with 500?!" The auctioneer yelled, Jacob, the slave for auction, stood on the block, his hands tied behind his back, a gag in his mouth, and a blindfold.

"500!" A random woman screamed, Alice could already see that this woman was going to be her rival in this game.

"1,000!" Alice yelled, she had lost her last slave five months ago and hasn't experienced the touch of another in six months. She glared at the woman across the room. The other woman glared back and yelled,

"2,000!" This woman was definitely set on buying him, but Alice was more content, Jacob could hear the voices, the guards pushed him to his knees.

"5,000!!" Alice screamed, the other woman sat down, she knew it would go on forever if she kept going,

"Going once!...going twice!......SOLD!!!!!" The auctioneer yelled and smashed the gavel on the table, the guards threw Jacob on the ground in front of Alice.

"Hello there." Alice grinned, an agenda already beginning to form itself.

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