Miraculous Tales ● Short Stories

Miraculous Tales ● Short Stories

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The Yoyo Ninja By Rachiella3 Updated Mar 02

☆ "Perhaps it was the mysterious romance of Ladybug and Chat Noir as they continually saved the citizens from the danger of Hawkmoth's akumas or the blissfully calm and beautiful way the heroes spoke together in the dead of the silent nights every month when the moon was full."

☆ "He whispered in her ear as they sailed across the stage floor. She knew the steps forwards and back. The music carried her feet with the rhythm and Adrien's confident hand pressed against the small of her back guided her movement but she was a jittery mess inside."

☆ "It felt like betrayal . . . but he couldn't help himself."

☆ "What she had done to earn his wrath, his affection, his attention, she didn't know. All she knew was that he was focused on her and she was trapped."

A collection of Miraculous Ladybug one-shots, short stories, drabbles, and tidbits for y'all to enjoy. ^o^
***fanart used in cover by ceejles on Tumblr!!!!!

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Idakiva Idakiva Sep 02, 2017
AHHHHH!!! Soooooooooo kawaiiiiiiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😫😍😍
Maren-Emilie Maren-Emilie Jan 12, 2017
"Ok!  Don't drop miss Bourgeois!"
                              "Dammit Cole!  What did i tell you 3 seconds ago?!"
verbaltea verbaltea Jul 03, 2016
your writing is seriously goals — that was brilliant and now I have feels