Clara and The Bad Boy

Clara and The Bad Boy

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courageux By Uniquent Updated 6 days ago

"Bravery is a choice."
"Yeah, and I'm so not taking it."

Clara is a nerd and her best friend's leaving.  Forever.  She leaves Clara with a list of dares that, according to her best friend, will "change her life forever". And that it does, throughout the list Clara finds that she has been discovering a new her, unveiling someone braver, feistier and way more courageous than her nerd self and that's all because a well planned out list, a bad boy and a sense of proving herself.

This story includes:
-Bad boys
-Good girls
-A Fake Boyfriend
-A list of dares
-A best friend
-All the cliches + a few more!

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Also thank you to The2Rejects for this amazing cover!

You should separate the paragraphs so people won't get lost :)
You have to add commas, not only on this paragraph but on a few others as well
Very good story. Although, instead of using light brownish blonde hair, you could use light ash blonde hair. Oh, and I really can't wait for the next chapter! Keep on writing and updating! :D
I'm failing English 😂, it's too much work for someone as lazy as me