The Mistake // Kagehina AU

The Mistake // Kagehina AU

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~(^•^~) By Zuppiin Updated Aug 29

Lemon! Smut! And Fluff! 

Hinata is looking for a job, his silly payment from his old one just isn't paying the bills. Stumbling into a large building looking for work he accidentally bumps into one of the most important celebrity/ movie star /singer/ model ever! This guy could do it all. Hinata suddenly finds himself belonging to the boy and becoming his pet. What will happen next? What's going on? Who is this boy and why is Hinata so attracted to him?

Started: 5/16/16

PuppyBae123 PuppyBae123 Aug 22
No! I shall call you his boyfriend and you shall be his boyfriend!
Lmao I think he's in a time of need. He's getting taped by a girl tf
Pearlbrain Pearlbrain Sep 01
Just remember that my fictional Piranias like eating fictional bitches
Will this happen to me if I walk into a fancy building? Will a pretty girl make me her pet? Because I would be fine with that tbh.