PERCY JACKSON: The Quest Of Hogwarts

PERCY JACKSON: The Quest Of Hogwarts

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☀Raya☀ By -lAdmirel- Updated Nov 21

The original trio are back at it again on another quest to babysit Harry Potter and his friends. 

Things get a little bit strange as a new time enemy rises for blood. It attacks when you least expected- no one knows who does it or what happens when it strikes. The innocents only know that when it does you get a free one-way ticket to hell, dead... or if your lucky, a few missing body parts. 

The students of Hogwarts all think it's the trio's fault as gossip's spreads out like fire. So in secret they spend their meant-to-be-holiday adventure trying to clear their name with the help of Harry's gang. 

Welcome to Hogwarts- The place where everyone is too dumb to see the potential killer

A/N: Long-ish chapters

Update every SATURDAY

BTW This story does not contain Voldemort, Gaea, Kronos OR all three.

Oh and obviously, all rights go to Riordan and Rowling.

LyraHarper LyraHarper Aug 20
Honestly, you had me at wands, but you dangle this offer in front of me and you can get pretty much anything. Within reason, of course.
a9r1ls1x a9r1ls1x Oct 02
Who didn't I won 20 bucks off my friend who doesn't even like PHO or HOO!😂
That's so true, Grover went into the magical land of forgotten characters
Agreed, feels! I loved this first chapter and I love Percy Jackson! So I'm glad you've posted a book like this haha
There is split up fangirls(rare fanboys) few of them think that u will get betrayed by the ones u love. Few of them think that u will hook up with Artemis. Few of us think that percabeth in pure unbreakable bond... etc.
Yai! The trio is back!!! :D I think this story is gunna be amazinglycoolandawesome!ilovePJO And HP!!!!!,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!