Ice Cold Mate (ON HOLD)

Ice Cold Mate (ON HOLD)

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I'm bored By gilinksybaby__ Updated Nov 10, 2016

Cover credits: @YourWerewolfGeek

"You will only speak when spoken to and you will stay out of my sight unless I call you. You will not say anything when I bring women home," he said.

     My heart broke a little when he said that. My wolf let out a whimper and howled agonisingly in the confinements of my head. 

    "You will clean this house and once you are done you may do as you please. You are not to leave the house. You will leave a plate of food on the dining table at seven o'clock sharp in the morning and at eight in the evening."

All supernaturals dream of finding their mate, their other half.

Caralysa was no different.
When the Alpha of the Dark Moon pac
k visits her pack for a meeting he meets Caralysa,  his mate.v

She is an Omega. He is an Alpha.

Will their relationship work?

(Longer description in book)


I  am an amateur writer and I will have a lot of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes 

I know my book isn't perfect.

So please read at your own risk.


  • alpha
  • caralysa
  • carson
  • cheating
  • darkmoon
  • fantasy
  • icecold
  • lies
  • love
  • mate
  • mates
  • moongoddess
  • omega
  • pack
  • regret
  • rejection
  • romance
  • sad
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love the idea! It isn't too common, it's something unique and different, which is important when it comes to books. Your word choice is incredible! I can picture the scene perfectly, great job :)
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Aghafjfosfoajfoa-- that's my choking on my spit because I cannot find words to describe how flipping excited I am for this!! It's already amazing ;)
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Fun fact taylor hill graduated from the high school i went to