Painted Smiles (An Ink!Sans X Reader)

Painted Smiles (An Ink!Sans X Reader)

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Riannetheanimator By Riannetheanimator Updated Jan 06

(Y/n) was an orphan who Is very smart and kind until she felt curious about Mt. Ebott and almost fell to her death until


Saved her 

The journey begins....

Starrgirl05 Starrgirl05 Sep 22, 2016
-holds a knife and majes a creepy face- SANSY~ GUESS WHAT I JUST DID~!!
karmathekiller06 karmathekiller06 Jul 29, 2016
                              Ink: what?*blushes*
                              Me: let's do art!*blushes faintly*
Lamaria_12 Lamaria_12 Oct 17, 2016
How the hell is a giant paintbrush scary?
                              I would mark that as a trustful trait...
Caleightheawsome Caleightheawsome Dec 31, 2016
Noooo... Because orphans live in an aquarium... (Sarcasm noted)
Phosec Phosec Oct 23, 2016
Ink:How are paintbrushes dangerous?
                              Me:*grabs paintbrush and attaches it to my back*Like this*spins around and end of paintbrush hits Ink in the face causing him to pass out* Yeah, I might need a body bag
Advdhdiwndhdhsuks Advdhdiwndhdhsuks Nov 06, 2016
Wait wait wait did she only notice the huge unmoving mountain now? x3