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Wolf Blood (EXO)

Wolf Blood (EXO)

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헤일리 By ForevaFanGirl Completed

Jae Hee is the daughter of a famous general. Or so she thought. the twelve 'legendries' are beings that are dangerous and should be hunted down and killed. Or so she was told. her whole life is a lie. so she ran away to find the truth.

Characters - 
- Jae Hee; grew up as a soldier. found out her life was a lie. runs away to find the twelve 'legendries'
- EXO; popular south Korean boy group, secretly the 'legendries'
- Luhan; Ex member of EXO, left to find his sister but returns 
- Sehun; is best friends with Jae hee.  has a crush on her. Ex best friend of Luhan
- Xiumin;  is like an older brother to Jae hee.
- Chanyeol; has a small crush on Jae Hee. 
- Baekhyun; Chanyeol's best friend has a crush on Jae Hee
- Suho; leader of EXO
- Chen; member of EXO. 
- Kai; member of EXO. 
D.O.; member of EXO
Lay; member of EXO
Kris; former member of EXO
Tao; former member of EXO
the master; trained EXO as 'legendaries'. is able to see glimpses of the future.

Sunbathnim Sunbathnim Mar 19
Girls with long hair always have bobi-pins in their hair (i am a girl i have short hair and had is for most of my life so far so i cant relate)
Sunbathnim Sunbathnim Mar 19
Sounds like an older sister of a younger brother telling him to not look or touch her diary. This is childish boi if u were my age (mainly my height) i would have necked u so hard that there would be a red hand mark at the of your neck for the rest of your life.
Sunbathnim Sunbathnim Mar 19
*cringes* something so innocent, cute, and squishy can be very scary, gory, and *shivers
Boi I do 😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊😊😊😋😋😋😋😆😆😆😂
Kora-Senpai Kora-Senpai May 12
I couldn't remember tge word torch the other day so I googled 'fire on a stick' it popped up