Married to a Vampire Prince(COMPLETED)

Married to a Vampire Prince(COMPLETED)

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PinkAlien By DyosangPinkAlien Completed

I never Thought that "LEGENDARIES" are Real,Because All I know Is that LEGENDARY-Means Its Just a Theory Its Just a Legend,A Story.But how Come I became One Of them,How Come I MARRIED A VAMPIRE PRINCE?!


Iria Jade Devonshin Is a 17 years Old Female Lady Who Wears a Thick Black Glasses and Five Thick Books She Always Carry With her Bag Full Of Books and Projects.She Has Three Friends to Make Color On Her Day If She Want To Give Up.She Met A Young Man Named "Dark"Who Is a Very Mysterious But Deadly Handsome Guy,But Behind Those Handsomeness and Mysteriousness Rise a Monster who Sucks Blood In The Neck,A Very Powerful Creature Who Has Abillities
And Can Kill You With Just One Snap,Now Because Of The Propecy She Have To Marry The Monster.She Is MARRIED TO A VAMPIRE PRINCE.


AmoryMichelleCachape AmoryMichelleCachape Nov 06, 2016
MTAVP katulod nga sya nitong story but i will still read your story.
aketchzzz aketchzzz 7 days ago
ms,a? bkit blood ung npagtripn m n  gmitin n apelyido? 😂😂😂 Curious lng po
Black_Queen_Wanna_Be Black_Queen_Wanna_Be Nov 19, 2016
prologue yun bes. okay lang yan maganda naman na yung description eh
AmoryMichelleCachape AmoryMichelleCachape Nov 06, 2016
Get A index card? it should be an index card miss  . expextation
AnnaMarieBlanceAtali AnnaMarieBlanceAtali Sep 12, 2016
.mejo my pagka o.a po ung mga expressions at ung paulit ulit na creepy..(redundancy)
dian_3 dian_3 Nov 08, 2016
I have noticed that every first letter of the word was capitalized. Was that necessary? It's quite disturbing. Just saying