Emotionless? | Karma x Reader

Emotionless? | Karma x Reader

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(L/n) (Y/n), had a tragic life.

She was born as an emotionless assassin.

It all started in a small town, however did she know, is when she moved into THAT school, her life would change forever.

- cover made by @Asui_Kyoka -

laced-rose laced-rose Jul 18
I have never watched assassination classroom but I had to read this, it sounds really good😂
my soul is pure dark, i can relate to this. but i have emotions tho.. 😹💘 this is really good, please continue morrr <3
I've met you like a few hours ago and you already want to do it
                              That's kinda blunt~
Jump off the branch and end it while you still can girl. Its only gonna het worse from here
Plot twist karma thought nagisa was a girl back then and so did nagisa thought karma was a girl
Even though this is a Karma x reader I still like Nagisa' little adorable face~