Catching The Casino Girl {Jerza} (COMPLETE ✅)

Catching The Casino Girl {Jerza} (COMPLETE ✅)

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♚Queen Of Christmas♚ By Buzzybee36 Completed

Jellal is a very strong wizard. He can normally fend for himself but sometimes he needs Natsu or one of his other friends to help him. What happens when Natsu and Lucy, Gray and Juvia and Gajeel and Levy go for mission right when Jellal has to face his toughest mission yet. Wanna know what his toughest mission is? Well you'll have to read Catching The Casino Girl.......

Wow that sure was one lame description!  

The AMAZING cover was made by KayzieTheCrazyOtaku, go check her out!!! (She's the best at making covers! <3 )
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I think that's everything so enjoy!l

I Freakin' Love Meredy and Ultear!! 😂
                              And once again. Another awesome update! 💕💕😊
Buzzybee36 Buzzybee36 May 28
Ikr! You can just use them to make funny moments! 😂😍❤️😍 Thanks!!!
Creamy and smooth~ Getting a little Kinky there~
                              SHUT UP PERVERTED MIND
palmyra26 palmyra26 2 days ago
'Partner In Crime'
                              SET IT OFF MIND-- PARTY OF ONE
                              "You'll never take us alive. We swore that death would do us part, they'll call our crimes a work of art"
I loved loved loved it! 😍💕❤ You have mad writing skilllllzzz