Harry Potter - One Shots/Imagines

Harry Potter - One Shots/Imagines

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Elizabeth By Elizabethbloodstorm Updated Sep 26

Says it all
Take requests and such!

Like even filch

Maybe not Umbridge
Unless u into dat... then yer

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Eva Granger
                              Harry Potter
                              Muggle Born
                              Brown hair , blue eyes and pale skin.
                               A lot like her sister Hermione.
                              Eva's POV
                              You can pick the story line
                              Year 6
abbiestorr abbiestorr Apr 23
Name: Abbie Storr
                              Person: Young Remus Lupin
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Blood status: Half-blood
                              Appearance and Personality: Short, big brown eyes, long, wavy brown hair, kind, sarcastic, feisty when I'm needed to be feisty 
                              Who's POV: Both Abbie's and Lupin's
                              Year: 5th (both 15)
                              You pick the story line :))
                              Marcus flint
                              Gryffindor (but is friends with Draco since they grew up together they're like twins)
                              Pure blood 
                              Brown hair, greeneyes near the pupil and blue on the outside, 5'3, nice girl who has a little depression 
                              Beckys pov and you can pick the storyline 
                              4 year
Ella Weasley
                              Draco Malfoy
                              Muggle born(or as you pure bloods call mea mud blood)(was adopted)
                              5"3 mid length layered dirty blonde straight hair
                              7th year
                              Ella's POV you pick storyline
Serenity potter
                              Draco Malfoy 
                              Half blood 
                              Brown ombré hair, electric blue eyes,5'5, sweet to people she likes but if on her wrong side you know about it 
                              Serenity's POV don't mind about the story line 
                              And year six please
                              This will be very much appreciated @Elizabethbloodstorm
Name: Paula Tulod
                              Person: Draco Malfoy
                              House Slytherin
                              Blood status: Half blood (father is werewolf, mother is witch)
                              Appearance: Bakck curly hair, hazel brown eyes, short :'D
                              Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, badass, secretly sensitive, secretly depressed
                              About: 3rd person pov
                              Year: 5