Stars can't shine without darkness (JackSepticEye X Reader)

Stars can't shine without darkness (JackSepticEye X Reader)

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JackSepticThighs By JackSepticThighs19 Completed

You were a girl who was insecure and had a rough past. You moved away from your family to get away from your awful life. It was all fine until you met him. When he walked out of your life you met someone better. Someone who you though would love you even with imperfections. 

Sean William McLoughlin. 

~WARNING~ there is rape in this story so if that brings up bad memories or makes you uncomfortable don't read.

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ii_Niri_Cast ii_Niri_Cast Aug 12, 2017
Rape triggers some bad memories for me, but I'm reading the whole book anyway. Wish me luck.
1800-bts 1800-bts Jul 12, 2017
"Your short dark brown hair set in a loose braid."
                              But my hair's short..
SebbieStanTheMan SebbieStanTheMan Jun 13, 2017
I choose "All The Way (I believe in Steve)", a jacksepticeye fan made song. (Not by me!)
Septic_Abby Septic_Abby Apr 03, 2017
I guess that is good.. in real i'm 4'9 I'm a stubby and chubby potato
RoseyPosey83 RoseyPosey83 May 28, 2017
Honestly I will never date a guy with a name that starts with a J 😂 They are always trouble makers! You might think- what about jack? Well jack is his nickname and his real name is Sean :P
Death_Wish_Yandere Death_Wish_Yandere Apr 27, 2017
I think I'm 1,60 m  (I wrote it in the German way 'cause I dunno how else to write it...) I wanna know when *clears throat* SEAN WILLIAM MCLOUGHLIN COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry....too much????