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The Makaras X Slave! reader (homestuck) [FINISHED!]

The Makaras X Slave! reader (homestuck) [FINISHED!]

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dontsugarcoat By dontsugarcoat Completed

you are a young slave to the wicked makara family. between a crazed subjuggulator, a friendly mime, and a handsy druggie, i'd say you have your hands full!

Nobody-And-Everybody Nobody-And-Everybody Sep 23, 2016
You know I can hear you right? Now get out I have to clean your shìt
KarmaTheMemeLord KarmaTheMemeLord Oct 04, 2016
I just wanna clean yo dirty ass room bro stop making me tired
Nathen777 Nathen777 Mar 21, 2016
Kurloz that's creepy you shouldn't watch someone sleep :3 but I have no room to talk tho
sorrY buT diS bootY belongS tO davE|dirK|kankrI|cronuS|anD mitunA
XiavraAravin XiavraAravin Nov 10, 2016
I thought she was kneeling because she was getting her head chopped off
It's not a dirty mind.....
                              It's a sexy imagination