Nightwing & Angel (Nightwing/Dick Grayson)(Sequel)

Nightwing & Angel (Nightwing/Dick Grayson)(Sequel)

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Crystal Do By cuddles2405 Updated May 24, 2016

Serena and Dick have moved from Gotham to Blüdhaven to start a new chapter of their lives. No, they aren't married, yet. Of course, just because they're out of Gotham and living their own lives doesn't mean they are done playing superhero. Blüdhaven has proven to be just as bad as Gotham, and it needs its own vigilante to keep its street more safe.

During the day, Serena is your typical college student while Dick is a police officer. But at night, the two patrol the streets of their new home, keeping it safe from criminals. Of course, criminals come in all kind of shapes and sizes, and some aren't even fully human. 

Join the two on their new adventure full of drama, love, hurt, happiness, and heart break.

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Drknssevl Drknssevl Jul 01, 2017
You dont read/watch the news? Like... you dont have internet?
                              Cant you just run a background check... your a cop bro
I thought it said he held his motorcycle and I was like. 'so is he carrying it' lol 😂 🤣