The Hurt Angel (Ohshc x Reader)

The Hurt Angel (Ohshc x Reader)

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OHSHC Fan By AyameSuzume Completed

Y/n was sent to earth , For a special mission . 
She will met a host club members "Kyoya Ootori " Y/n quickly saved Kyoya before they could be hitten by a truck . Kyoya thanked Y/n . He asked if there something Y/n . Y/n answered to let her stay home is enough . Is she going to be able to go back to Heaven after being hurt or she'll be loving the demon king "Kyoya" ? 

Is her way up to Heaven will fail because of loving a human? Is david is the right guy or Kyoya is?


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LionTheHufflepuff LionTheHufflepuff Aug 06, 2017
Meh I'm just going to quickly change the pink to blue in my head. Done!
OH SHOOT!!! i feel dumb, every one here is saying OOC... i need to know what this means..and is scared to know
We all going to die he way to kind wait throw some holy water and garlic at him
Millennia_Nightfell Millennia_Nightfell Nov 30, 2017
The world is about to meet its destruction!!
                              Kyoya fooking laughed
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- Jun 29
He's just so normal and happy after HE ALMOST GOT HIT BY A TRUCK!!! Does no one think that's weird?
bubbletwist1 bubbletwist1 Feb 13, 2017
This is a changling, Kyoya doesn't act like this but I can let it slide