The Hurt Angel (Ohshc x Reader)

The Hurt Angel (Ohshc x Reader)

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OHSHC Fan By AyameSuzume Completed

Y/n was sent to earth , For a special mission . 
She will met a host club members "Kyoya Ootori " Y/n quickly saved Kyoya before they could be hitten by a truck . Kyoya thanked Y/n . He asked if there something Y/n . Y/n answered to let her stay home is enough . Is she going to be able to go back to Heaven after being hurt or she'll be loving the demon king "Kyoya" ? 

Is her way up to Heaven will fail because of loving a human? Is david is the right guy or Kyoya is?


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LionTheHufflepuff LionTheHufflepuff Aug 06, 2017
Meh I'm just going to quickly change the pink to blue in my head. Done!
WhyIsThisAAccount WhyIsThisAAccount May 31, 2018
OH SHOOT!!! i feel dumb, every one here is saying OOC... i need to know what this means..and is scared to know
kitten2324kk kitten2324kk Apr 26, 2018
We all going to die he way to kind wait throw some holy water and garlic at him
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- Jun 29, 2018
He's just so normal and happy after HE ALMOST GOT HIT BY A TRUCK!!! Does no one think that's weird?
bubbletwist1 bubbletwist1 Feb 13, 2017
This is a changling, Kyoya doesn't act like this but I can let it slide
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Oct 17, 2016
... HOW THE HELL IS THAT NOT MUCH?!! HOLY BUTTCRACKS!!!!!! (But then again those are reader~ chan's only clothes now.)