My Hero [Boku no Hero Academia]

My Hero [Boku no Hero Academia]

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Setsuna "Setsu" Yukimori suffered abuse from her mother at the age of 4, a few months after she developed her quirk. Blaming her daughter for the reason her lover left her behind, Akane Yukimori used Setsuna as her own personal lab rat, to test and see if a single child was capable of holding multiple quirks without the need for mutation. For 10 years, Setsuna was placed in isolation from the world, only allowed out when it was time to display the new quirks she obtained. After losing hope of ever being set free, Setsuna is given the opportunity to escape from her once isolated life and enter the world of freedom. With her mother arrested and far away from her, Setsuna now sets her sights on the school she's only read about in papers and books. U.A. Highschool. There, she learns what true friendship is like, and that the world, though infested with crime, wasn't a bad place to be in. But, even though her world seems okay now, where there are heroes there are villains, and Setsuna is about to learn that hers are still out there, lurking in a cell of a jail, or hiding away in plain sight.


So, this story is mainly going to follow the manga more than the anime, but I'll also be adding a few things here and there to benefit the story. I hope you enjoy! ^.^

This story will undergo major editing once completed.

Also, you don't need to have watched or read the anime and manga in order to read this, though be warned of spoilers if you planned to watch it soon.

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eltrashh-v eltrashh-v Aug 08
woah it's been a while since i've come across a fanfic that i enjoy this much
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