The Mystics (MCD Boys X Reader)

The Mystics (MCD Boys X Reader)

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Hailey By Nadeshiko_Chan Updated Oct 02

What you need to know~

(Y/n)-Your name

(L/n)-Last name

(F/c)-Favorite color

(S/F/C)-Second favorite color

(H/C)-Hair color

(E/C)-Eye color
(F/F)-Favorite food

(S/c)-Skin Color
This story will not follow the Minecraft Diaries plot instead this is my own plot.  I'm just using the characters.  All characters are Aphmau's not mine.

My name is (Y/n) (L/n).  My parents are extremely poor and they are working extremely hard to feed me.  I'm about twenty and they worry for my safety.  I'm leaving them today.  I won't be a burden to them.  I wrote my farewell note and grabbed my bags.  I ran out the door and looked at the night sky.  This world that I live in, it's filled with supernatural creatures.  Like Vampires and Werewolves.  I'm just a normal human being.  People don't like these supernatural creatures.  When people see them they immediately chase them or try to kill them.  I'm not like those people.  I actually would like to meet supernatural creatures and make friends.  They're humans with different abilities, powers, and looks.  No one should judge anyone because of that.

Kawaii_Kats Kawaii_Kats Aug 16
So you can be a bee? And be a sweet honey?!?!
                              ..... No okay
Being a shape shifter is the number one power that I would have but not just any shape shifter a shape-shifter that can turn into any animal in the world either on television or real or just made up and animals that are new from TV shows or anything instantly become one of the things I can turn into
I knew it...
                              (Crying after the sabotage in episode 2 season 3)
Laurmau10 Laurmau10 Jul 25
What does horny mean? Please tell me. I'm 16 and I still want to know everything
TRAVIS SHOULD BE A DEMON but..  I mean....  Shapeshifters are cool too